Global Insurance Law Connect launches 2021 Radar Report

Date: Monday, June 21st, 2021 by Michaela Hickson.

Report gives updates on political, regulatory and legal changes that will impact insurers in 19 countries

21 June 2021 – Global Insurance Law Connect (GILC) today launched the third edition of its annual ‘Radar Report’.  The report is a collection of 19 short country snapshots – giving details of the key changes to the insurance outlook in that country.  The report is a valuable reference tool for anyone with international insurance operations, and offers great insight into the varying concerns that dominate the thinking of those in the industry around the world.

Jim Sherwood, Chairman of Global Insurance Law Connect commented: “The 2021 Radar Report has seen a marked globalisation in tone. For the first time, many of the issues that our lawyers have reported as being currently critical in their markets have converged, with a truly universal focus on cyber, climate change and the impacts of the pandemic bringing new challenges to many markets.  A subsidiary point, but one of much importance to all in our industry, is the follow-on impact of the ‘powering up’ of digital marketing, sales and claims processing, as insurance buyers around the globe move online permanently after a year of cultural change.”

“In this environment, it is all the more important that different markets share approaches, regulatory challenges and stories of innovation.”

“Each year, as our network grows, the Radar Report’s collection of insurance law updates from around the globe becomes more and more comprehensive, and we are delighted to welcome new contributions this year from our members in the Netherlands and Turkey, WIJ Avocaten and Durukan.”

To download the report click here.

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Notes to editors
Global Insurance Law Connect is a formal alliance of insurance law firms spanning four continents. Founder member firms are BTG Legal (Italy), BLM (UK and Ireland), and Byrd & Associates (France). Other members are Advokatfirmaet Riisa & Co (Norway), Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein (Germany), Blanco & Asociados (Spain), Buren Legal (China), Durukan (Turkey), Khaitan Legal Associates (India), gbf Attorneys-at-Law (Switzerland), Lee and Li (Taiwan), Lydian (Belgium), Molitor (Luxembourg), Ocampo 1890 (Mexico), Santos Bevilaqua Advogados (Brazil), Socrates (Finland), Sparke Helmore (Australia), and WIJ advocaten (Netherlands).

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