Risk Radar Report 2019

Date: Monday, July 1st, 2019 by Michaela Hickson.

In an interconnected world, risk and its associated insurance solutions continue to become ever more global. As multinational clients seek global solutions to new risks such as cyber attacks and data breaches, it becomes ever more important for us all to be able to take a view across international markets.

That is why we created Global Insurance Law Connect, a network of like-minded specialist firms, many with a unique and well-recognised expertise in insurance law in their own markets. Together we provide clients with unrivalled expertise and a personal service that we think few other networks can match.

We know that you will often use our lawyers to help you navigate the multiple legal changes that occur each year in local insurance markets. But sometimes the bigger and more important question is not ‘how do I deal with this?’, but ‘what changes are coming?’, and how do you spot them ahead of time from a frequently physically remote central team?

With this problem in mind, we wanted to use our network’s expertise to give you, our clients, a reference tool that highlights the key insurance issues across many countries. As a result, we’ve created the first GILC Risk Radar Report. It gives a snapshot of the major issues that are currently bubbling in the pot in each major insurance destination where we have a presence.

Some themes in the 2019 edition have a global resonance: many countries are struggling with regulatory issues, for example; and natural catastrophe is also a dominant global theme. But our report also gives insight into some of the critical by-country issues, such as governmental change in Belgium and Mexico, and changes to the corporate code in Belgium and Italy which will impact insurers significantly.

We hope that our guide is a useful country-by-country reference point, and I am delighted to be able to share it with you.

To download the full report click here.

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